Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use applies to the content and pages of this website only. If you choose to go to any of the other independent websites for which links may be provided herein, the policies of those sites will apply once you go there, and you do so at your own risk.

What We Do and Do Not Collect

No personally identifiable information about you is collected unless you register for a home market value analysis or advanced home search, or request one or more real estate information documents by email, and you explicitly provide us with the personal and other information needed to respond to your request. Any personal information is used by the Cobalt Realty Ltd team of licensed real estate professionals solely for providing the information that you have requested, and for appropriate communications and follow-up activities with you. It is not disclosed or provided to any other person or business except as required to properly service your request.

This site does not use “cookies” for any reason except to keep track of your login/logout status. That cookie does not contain or transmit personally identifiable information. This site does not contain or use “pop ups” or active programming or scripting, except as may be necessary for data entry and submission of forms for user registration and user sign-on, some advanced MLS search functions, and for a home market value analysis request. Certain technical and statistical information about your computer and IP address may be collected by our web hosting service to identify what part of the country / world our users are coming from, and for security purposes to control and prevent hacker intrusions.

If you Register for Advanced Home Search

If you provide incomplete, erroneous or false registration information with your request, and/or do not provide corrected information if and when requested of you later, or if we find that you have blocked email from any email address at this domain or of our brokers or agents at any time, then: (a) you may not only not receive the information you requested, and (b) we may also deny your registration or request and/or terminate your site user registration and subsequent access to the registered user areas of this site, without further notice. Therefore, please make sure that the information you provide, especially your email address and phone number, is accurate and correct.

If you register and request access to Advanced Home Search, you affirm that you are not currently under a written exclusive buyer agency agreement with another licensed real estate brokerage. If you are under such an agreement, it is your own broker’s duty and obligation to provide you with all MLS information required for your home search. It against National and Local Association of Realtors rules for us to knowingly do so if you are under such an agreement. Your access to MLS advanced search and home listings by email may be denied or terminated if you are found to be under a written exclusive buyer agency agreement with another licensed real estate broker.

By registering for and using the Advanced Home Search product on this site, you are entering into an ongoing business relationship with us, as defined by the Federal and State of Colorado Do Not Call regulations, and until such time as you unsubscribe as explained below, you agree that we may call you and/or email you, whether or not you have registered your phone number and/or email address on any “Do not Call” and/or “Do Not Email” lists. In addition, if you request additional real estate services or information from us on this site or by personal contact, including registering as a user of this web site, by doing so you give us permission to call and/or email you using the information you provide and/or that we may find in any other publicly available source, as may be required regarding the service and/or information, at our sole discretion, and regardless of whether you may be on any state or federal “Do Not Call” and/or “Do Not Email” lists. You may be contacted by any member of the Cobalt Realty Ltd team to clarify and service your request. Members of the Cobalt Realty Ltd team are identified in the “Contact Us” page of this site.

Email Communications

We utilize various email systems to communicate with you. These communications include periodic automated email newsletters intended to provide you with additional information about selling or buying a home, such as tips and suggestions to help you through the home selling or buying process. Each of these automated email communications will include our contact information and a valid “unsubscribe” link or instructions. You may unsubscribe at any time using those instructions or links, or you may call or email us with instructions to unsubscribe using the “Contact Us” information on this site. However, be aware that if you unsubscribe from any of our automated email contact systems, you will also be indicating that you no longer require access to Advanced Home Search, and your access to Advanced Home Search may be terminated by us, without further notice. We may also temporarily terminate your Advanced Home Search access if emails are “bounced” by your email service. We will restore your Advanced Home Search access when we receive a corrected email address from you.

Third Party Vendors

In conjunction with providing you with information that you request, we may utilize various third party automated email contact management tools and programs, including email services and programs provided to the Cobalt Realty Ltd Team by various vendors, and for which our contracts with those vendors also protect your privacy.